Why Go to a Salon for Hair Color?

Why Go to a Salon for Hair Color?

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Deciding whether to dye your hair at home or at a salon? Learn why a salon visit is worth it for healthier, longer-lasting hair color. Discover how to pick a good hair salon and understand the benefits of professional hair styling and regular visits to keep your hair looking its best. Find out why Tanas Hair Designs & Spa, voted Raleigh’s best for Nails in 2023, is the right choice for your beauty needs.


Coloring your hair is a big decision. You might be wondering if you should do it at home or go to a salon. Let's look at why visiting a hair salon like Tanas Hair Designs & Spa can be the best choice for your hair color.

Should I Dye My Hair at Home or Go to a Salon?

Dyeing your hair at home can seem easy and cheap. You buy a box of hair dye from the store, follow the instructions, and voila! But it’s not that simple. At-home hair dye kits can be tricky to use. You might not get the color you want. It could turn out too dark, too light, or even patchy. 

When you go to a beauty salon, you get the help of a professional hair stylist. These experts know all about hair color. They know how to mix colors to get the perfect shade for you. They also know how to apply the dye evenly, so your hair looks great.

 Is Getting Your Hair Colored at a Salon Worth the Extra Cost?

Yes, it is! Salon visits might cost more than at-home hair dye kits, but they are worth it. When you go to a hair salon, you pay for the skills and experience of the hair stylist. They make sure your hair color turns out just right.

Plus, salons use high-quality hair dyes that last longer. At-home dyes can fade quickly, but salon color stays vibrant for weeks. This means you won't have to dye your hair as often, which can save you money in the long run.

Why Doesn't At-Home Hair Color Last as Well as Salon Color?

The hair dye you buy from the store is different from what salons use. Salon dyes are stronger and better quality. They have special ingredients that help the color stick to your hair longer. This is why a salon color lasts longer than at-home color.

Also, professional hair stylists know how to prepare your hair before dyeing it. They might use special shampoos or treatments that help the dye work better. This makes a big difference in how long your color lasts.

How Do You Choose a Good Salon for Hair Color?

Choosing the right hair salon is important. Here are some tips to help you find a good one:

1. Check Reviews: Look online for reviews of salons in your area. See what other people say about their experiences.

2. Ask for Recommendations: Talk to friends or family members who have great hair color. Ask them which salon they go to.

3. Visit the Salon: Go to the salon and talk to the hair stylists. Ask them about their experience with hair color. A good salon will have friendly, knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer your questions.

Will I Damage My Hair by Dyeing It Twice a Year in a Salon?

No, you won’t damage your hair by dyeing it twice a year in a salon. In fact, getting your hair colored at a salon can be better for your hair than using at-home dyes. Salon hair stylists use gentle dyes and treatments that protect your hair. They also know how to take care of your hair to keep it healthy.

At-home dyes can be harsh and damaging, especially if you use them often. So, it's safer to leave the job to the professionals. Regular visits to the salon help ensure your hair stays strong and healthy.

Why Choose Tanas Hair Designs & Spa?

Now that you know why going to a salon is better, let’s talk about why Tanas Hair Designs & Spa is a great choice.

Voted Raleigh’s Best for Hair 2022 & 2023

Tanas Hair Designs & Spa was voted Raleigh's Best for Hair in 2022 & 2023. This shows that they are trusted and loved by many customers. Their team of skilled professionals is dedicated to giving you the best service.

Expert Hair Stylists

At Tanas Hair Designs & Spa, you will find expert hair stylists who know all about hair color. They will help you choose the right shade and make sure it looks perfect. Their experience means you will leave the salon with beautiful, healthy hair.

Comfort and Relaxation

A salon visit is not just about getting your hair done. It’s also a time for comfort and relaxation. Tanas Hair Designs & Spa offers a relaxing environment where you can unwind. Enjoy the pampering and leave feeling refreshed.

Healthy Hair

Regular visits to a hair salon like Tanas Hair Designs & Spa help keep your hair healthy. The stylists use high-quality products that nourish your hair. They can also give you tips on how to take care of your hair at home.

Full Beauty Salon Services

Besides hair color, Tanas Hair Designs & Spa offers a range of beauty salon services. From haircuts and styling to manicures and pedicures, they have everything you need to look and feel your best.


In conclusion, going to a hair salon for your hair color is worth it. You get professional help, better quality dye, and a relaxing experience. Tanas Hair Designs & Spa is a top choice for salon visits in Raleigh. With their expert hair stylists and high-quality services, you can be sure you will leave the salon with beautiful, healthy hair. Remember, regular visits to a beauty salon help keep your hair looking its best. So, why wait? Book your appointment at Tanas Hair Designs & Spa today and enjoy the benefits of professional hair care.


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