Spa Services

Our Certified Massage Therapists will deliver the ultimate in pure relaxation using aromatic essential oils and a multitude of techniques.

  • Half Hour Body Massage - $60
  • One Hour Swedish or Pregnancy Massage - $100
  • 90 Minute Massage - $140
  • Energy Therapy, Reflexology, and Trigger Point Therapy available upon request

$40 per half hour added onto any massage.


Session Discounts: Take your self-care to the next level by enjoying our discounts for returning clients. These discounts are in lieu of a traditional membership.


Monthly 25% discount

Biweekly 30% discount

Weekly 35% discount

Couples Massage exclusively at the Baines Court location in Cary, NC 


What clothes to wear...


During your therapeutic massage, you will be always draped with a sheet for your comfort and modesty. You can choose what articles of clothing you wish to remove. The type of massage you choose may have an impact on what articles of clothing need to be removed.


Please keep in mind a “One Hour” massage means a full 60 minutes of hands-on massage therapy; therefore, please allow yourself 15 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment time for changing.