About Us

Our Story:


From our humble beginnings in the vibrant 90's, Tanas Hair Designs and Spa has grown into a sanctuary of style and well-being. Founded on the core principle of celebrating individual beauty and the transformative power of self-expression, we've remained dedicated to our craft for decades. With years etched into every scissor snip and brushstroke, we are proud to be a cornerstone of style, continually reinventing the art of beauty while holding true to our roots. Our legacy is intertwined with the generations of clients who've walked through our doors, and together, we've created memories, celebrated milestones, and transformed looks and lives.



Our Vision:


At Tanas Hair Designs and Spa, our vision goes beyond the strands of hair or the stroke of a makeup brush. We aim to curate experiences that resonate, fostering a haven where beauty, comfort, and craft harmoniously intertwine. As we look to the future, our commitment is unwavering: to uphold the cherished techniques passed down through the decades, while embracing the innovations of tomorrow. We see a world where every visit to Tanas is not just an appointment but a cherished moment of rejuvenation, reflection, and transformation. Join us as we continue to shape the future of beauty, grounded in our rich history and driven by a vision of endless possibilities.