The Perfect Face-Framing Haircuts for New Year's

The Perfect Face-Framing Haircuts for New Year's


Are you wondering how to ring in the New Year with a bang? A great hairstyle is a perfect way to make a statement. At Tanas Hair Designs in Cary and Raleigh, NC, we specialize in face-framing haircuts that make you shine brighter than New Year's fireworks!


Section 1: What is Face Framing?

Face framing is all about choosing haircuts that highlight the best parts of your face. Think of it like a frame for a picture - but for your face! Whether it's bangs or layers, face framing pieces can really make your features pop.


Section 2: Why Face Framing Matters

Why settle for a regular haircut when you can have one that flatters your face shape? Face-framing cuts like curtain bangs or long layers can enhance your natural beauty, giving you that red carpet look!


Section 3: Best Face Shapes for Face-Framing Haircuts

Every face shape has a perfect match when it comes to haircuts. Round faces glow with long layers and face framing, while oval faces rock almost any style, especially side parts and wispy bangs.


Section 4: Best Haircuts for Each Face Shape

- Round Face: Go for long hair with face-framing layers to elongate your face.

- Oval Face: Try a side-swept look or curtain bangs for a chic alter ego.

- Square Face: Soften your features with a balayage and face-framing bangs.

- Heart Face: Balance your look with side parts or a braided bun.


Section 5: How Hair Layers Play into Face-Framing

Layers aren't just for adding volume - they're great for face framing! They add depth and dimension, especially with different hair lengths. The right section of hair can frame your face beautifully.


Section 6: Best Hair Salons in Cary and Raleigh, NC

At Tanas Hair Designs, our stylists are experts in creating the perfect New Year's Eve hair designs. Whether it's a money piece for a bold look or a classy braided bun secured with bobby pins, we've got you covered.



Don't just celebrate New Year's Eve; step into it with style and confidence. Whether you're after straight hair elegance or the daring of a new balayage, Tanas Hair Designs is here to help you find your perfect New Year's Eve hairstyle. Book your appointment today and start your year with a fabulous new look!


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